Gucci Havana Sunglasses – Collection SS 2015

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Designed by Frida Giannini in Rome, Italy, the new Gucci Havana sunglasses collection, arrived recently last week to add class and glamour to any outfit and occasion. The Gucci Havana collection takes inspiration from the latest catwalks but with flattering oversized styles adding and extra to the modest classic frames and shapes.


The Sneakers And Suit Tutorial | Ways To Make It Right

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The sneakers and suit combination is a tricky one to pull off, but if done right, it is a powerful statement; It says you are wearing a suit not because a job or lack of imagination require it, but because you want to, and most importantly because you are comfortable and confident doing so. Find here below some ensembles fit for any occasion.


Key Spring Jackets For Men – You Need These In Your Wardrobe

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Spring is an odd and unpredictable season. Early in the morning the sun might be shining up in the sky, however in less than half an hour the sky might be covered with grey clouds, and the heaviest rain ever could start in matter of seconds. So, which are the best layers to wear when you are not really sure if you will be enjoying lunch on a sunlit balcony, or if you will have to run to the bus on a rainy, chilly afternoon? We have gathered some of the best picks for our dear unpredictable spring.


Men In Leather – The Best Leather Jackets Under $ 400

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Leather jackets are a good investment, a safe bet that looks good on almost everyone, and  if taken care of, a piece that will last with you a good number of years. The leather jacket season starts when the sun slowly begins to come out again, but it is still cloudy, windy and chilly. Depending on where you are based,  leather jackets are great company even during summer times, baring in mind that here in London for example, it is most likely that even in July temperatures won’t be above 20°C (67°F) in the evenings.


Mango Man Slim Fit and Skinny Suits Will Get You Ready For Spring

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Daisuke Uede, Japan’s top male model starred the new video ad campaign for the Mango Man Suit Collection. The line offers a wide range of smart, wool fabric slim fit and skinny suits with clean cuts. All suits come with a two button fastening and double vent, and are available in classic navy, black, grey and blue.


This Spring Don’t Leave Without Your Rubber (Waterproof Coat..)

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The upcoming months should be warmer, but this comes with a price, sudden rain and rainstorms when you least expect it, meaning, you need to gear up. Remember, when you wake up and see the sky from your window, it doesn’t necessarily need to be raining for you to look for your waterproof coat. Actually, any clouds are enough to be cautious, just as long as it’s not blazingly sunny out.


Try at Home First, Decide Later – Eye Prescription Glasses @Archibald

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Too many hours in front of a big screen every day? Are your eyes feeling tired? It might be time to get a pair of prescription lenses, even if you have 20/20 vision, not necessarily to correct but to prevent any issues. After all, sight is one of our most precious gifts and we should look after it. Now, what about the eye prescription glasses? Well this is the fun part!


If You Feel Like Going Out For a Jog – Nike Free 5.0

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If you are a good man, you have a pair of sneakers somewhere in the wardrobe. If you don’t have any, well my friend, it’s time for you to get a pair. There is a lot of buzz about being healthy this year, eating well, exercising and doing yoga (at least here in London), and a good pair or trainers are the best companion when working out, running, hiking or doing any physical activity.