If You Feel Like Going Out For a Jog – Nike Free 5.0

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If you are a good man, you have a pair of sneakers somewhere in the wardrobe. If you don’t have any, well my friend, it’s time for you to get a pair. There is a lot of buzz about being healthy this year, eating well, exercising and doing yoga (at least here in London), and a good pair or trainers are the best companion when working out, running, hiking or doing any physical activity.

Among the endless options, I found the new (ish) Nike Free 5.0 a great fit for people who want performance, but also want to look good when doing sports and not only. I hardly recommend to use jogging trainers as casual wearing, but if it fits your style, this pair is the right one. Two birds, one stone, bam!

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Nordstrom offers a very wide range of Nike items (maybe as much as Nike itself on their site) so if you are familiar with this retailer I would recommend you to go for it. Complete the look here:

Nordstrom on the other hand, is not very know in EU, so if you are an old continent chap and would like a new pair of Nike Free 5.0 , check ASOS section here.