Key Spring Jackets For Men – You Need These In Your Wardrobe

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Spring is an odd and unpredictable season. Early in the morning the sun might be shining up in the sky, however in less than half an hour the sky might be covered with grey clouds, and the heaviest rain ever could start in matter of seconds. So, which are the best layers to wear when you are not really sure if you will be enjoying lunch on a sunlit balcony, or if you will have to run to the bus on a rainy, chilly afternoon? We have gathered some of the best picks for our dear unpredictable spring.

Depending on your style, spring jackets for men vary from relaxed and subtle to more formal and classy.

Among the most popular styles, we find the military jacket, characterised by four pockets, usually cotton-made and designed for warm climates.  The military jacket is very versatile, relaxed and perfect for an outdoor spring day.

If you are looking for something more minimalistic yet functional, waterproof parkas or coats are perfect spring jackets for men. Remember parkas are not for off-duty days only, you can mix them with bold coloured shirts or sweaters to set up the springtime feeling. If your aim is to look more classy yet stay dry, combine your jacket with an oxford t-shirt for the smart-casual combo.

The classic bomber jacket. Every one must own a bomber jacket! Smart and with a versatile silhouette that pairs smoothly with well tailored trousers and sweatshirts. Highly recommendable for people looking for a neutral design and elegant simplicity.

Finally we have the trench coat. This will always be a timeless piece. If you have doubts about the colour, you will never go wrong with the beige version, although personally I am a big fan of navy trench coats as well. One of the most important things when buying this spring jacket, is to consider your height. Tall guys can wear a trench coat that finishes just some inches above the knee, while shorter chaps ideally should choose cropped styles, which offer full suit jacket coverage while providing a much-needed lengthening effect.