This Spring Don’t Leave Without Your Rubber (Waterproof Coat..)

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The upcoming months should be warmer, but this comes with a price, sudden rain and rainstorms when you least expect it, meaning, you need to gear up. Remember, when you wake up and see the sky from your window, it doesn’t necessarily need to be raining for you to look for your waterproof coat. Actually, any clouds are enough to be cautious, just as long as it’s not blazingly sunny out.

Buying a waterproof coat is easy, you just need to be prepared. If you are like one of those corporate chaps I see everyday in the morning, you should know in advance how to layer it up. Make sure there is enough space in the shoulders to not make it look bulky.

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Read about the materials! Is it simply water-resistant? It must be waxed cotton then, or is it properly waterproof, so a  Gore-Tex? Cotton won’t let your body breathe, meaning if you walk long distances to your job, or if you cycle every morning, the first one will most likely make you arrive at the office with a wet back, and you don’t want that.

Also, remember a waterproof coat objective is not to keep you toasty, if you are looking for a layer that keeps you both dry and warm, look out for a parka, beanie and scarf.