Try at Home First, Decide Later – Eye Prescription Glasses @Archibald

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Too many hours in front of a big screen every day? Are your eyes feeling tired? It might be time to get a pair of prescription lenses, even if you have 20/20 vision, not necessarily to correct but to prevent any issues. After all, sight is one of our most precious gifts and we should look after it. Now, what about the eye prescription glasses? Well this is the fun part!

Health is the main objective, but if you can find a beautiful pair of glasses why not kill two birds with one stone? Some of the questions we chaps ask ourselves may be…”will these frames go with a smart suit? With my day-to-day job outfit? What will girls think?” Luckily for us, we have a new ally when it comes to these kind of decisions, the guys from London-based, Archibald Optics.

The British online brand focuses its USP around the fact that going to an optician requires time, effort and might be unnecessarily overwhelming. So, what would be better than just trying a bunch of different styles at home before deciding on your favourite? With Archibald optics you have up to five days to play around with your three fav. items before making up your mind. After the trial period, you then return the try-on-kit, shop the chosen pair on the website and receive your new eye prescription glasses within the following 10 days. Easy as that!

All Archibald Optics designs are vintage inspired and hand crafted in Japan. From Victorian inspired frames to sixties chunky acetate frames, you will see why you need a try-on-kit before making up your mind! My favourite? The Milford! What about yours?