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Sandqvist Turns 10 Years Old – Scandi Design & Functionality

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I love Sandqvist’s history. 10 years ago Anton Sandqvist, a Swedish civil engineer  needed a backpack to carry his laptop, after 15 mins. of no success, he thought “Man..I don’t like any of these..“. Long story short, he went down to his basement, started working with his sewing machine a and after three ours he had created a new backpack that won him many complements; Sandqvist was born. As simple as.


Gucci Bright Diamante – Subtle, yet Striking

gucci bright diamante collection


Gucci unveiled not long ago its new Bright Diamante Collection (available both for men and women) exclusively on their online shop. The collections is very modern, powerful and dynamic, featuring geometric patterns evoking the faces of a diamond. The collection can be seen embossed in leather accesories such as bags, trolleys and duffles.

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