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Moustache Styles – Some Movember Inspirations

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So, is anybody doing Movember this year? As a quick reminder, in case you didn’t know, Movember was born in 2004 as a health charity idea to raise awareness and of course money for testicular and prostate cancer. Whether you are doing it for fun, or for more serious reasons I thought it would be good to share some ideas for moustache styles & tips to grow it beautifully, symmetrically and keep it shiny!


How to shave – Best practices to be and feel smooth

How to shave - Skincare 101

Most of us learnt how to shave by watching our dads doing it during our barefaced days. Although most likely very effective, the shaving run-down we picked up didn’t include the best practices and skincare tips on how to shave and how often, aftershave issues and best creams or gels to avoid irritation, but is OK, as long as you have facial hair, there is always time to catch-up.

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Men’s hairstyles – trends for this SS 2014

If you, just like me, are one of those guys who like to maintain a smart and trendy hairstyle, then I’m sure you too appreciate these aspects of spring:

No need to wear a hat anymore on freezing nights out – goodbye flat dumb & dumber hair style.

Short hair no longer means freezing ears and back of your head.

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Different men’s hairstyles for this spring / summer 2014 have something in common. You might be a rapper, a model, a singer, an actor or the average Joe, whoever you are my friend, you can’t escape the infinite variations of the pompadour hairstyle. In other words, your best hair ally for this SS 2014 will be a reliable gel or hairspray. Let me introduce you to your best options.