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Why are Rolex Watches So Expensive? This Video Has The Answer

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A watch, is not really a watch isn’t it? If you need to know the time you simply grab your phone and problem solved. Nowadays is all about status, elegance and fine taste. If you want an accessory talking about you, well, what’s better than a luxurious Rolex on your wrist saying in your behalf “I am very successful in what I do and have a lot of money”.

Have you ever wondered why Rolex watches are so expensive? This video might help you understand why. Bonus: See our Rolex selection on Vestiare Collective up to 60% off.


Penelope Cruz + Jon Kortajarena – Agent Provocateur Fall Winter 2014 Video

agent provocateur fall 2014 video


Penélope Cruz directs the latest Agent Provocateur Fall – Winter 2014 video campaign, encapsulating the overt sex appeal that the Agent Provocateur brand has become known for. The fantasy begins in a barren desert, where a young man, the leading Spanish model Jon Kortajarena, crawls along, desperate for water.

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What Milan Fashion Week Men Summer 2014 Taught Us

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If you are looking for some men’s fashion inspiration and upcoming trends, Italy, and it’s fashion capital, Milan will always be a good place to start. Some weeks ago, Mr Porter’s editorial team flew over the mediterranean country to analyse common fashion patterns among some on the most stylish men around Milan Fashion Week Summer 2014. They produced this short video, full of valuable insights for us, take notes gents!

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How to choose the right suit – 7 things to know

How to choose the right suit

Buying a suit is not an easy thing to do, is not like buying a shirt, as it costs more and is meant to last longer. Also, normally (but not always) you would be using it for special or formal occasions such as a job interview, in cases like this I like to think about them more like an investment.

If you need to know how to choose the right suit, how should it fit, what’s about the tailoring and  the deal about buttons, you are in the right place. Take notes on the 7 things every guy should know about suits, courtesy of pursuityourself.

“You don’t need to buy an expensive one, you just need to tailor small details to make it perfect.”

And remember, don’t match different suits, get flat front pants and go for subtle colours with no stripes!

Here our best suit recommendations from Topman and ASOS.

Trussardi spring summer 2014

 Why..? Why not? As long as they treated them well is cool for me. Nice one Trussardi !

“I dedicate this project to the greyhounds of Trussardi: mysteriously calm, wonderfully photogenic and most of all incredibly elegant – William Wegman *

* William Wegman is an artist best known for creating series of compositions involving dogs, primarily his own Weimaraners in various costumes and poses.

Nike Magista – Football will never be the same

Nike surely knows how to keep you in suspense..

Nike will be releasing their new football boots next week and has let some of the world’s top players try them out. They are not holding back; the giant sportswear has declared “Football will never be the same”. There are almost no details, although some photos have been leaked on the web and unknown sources have declared Nike’s revolutionary new boots are based on their innovative Flyknit technology.

Personally being passionate about football, I can’t wait to see what they have for us!

Stay tuned, updates will come shortly.