Zinedine Zidane for Mango Man – New Line

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Monsieur Zinedine Zidane was chosen by Mango Man to by the man starring their new spring-summer 2015 menswear campaign, following their successful Mark Vanderloo and Clement Chabernaud fall-winter 2014 campaignZinadine, who stopped playing professional football some years ago, said to be delighted to be chosen by Mango because he identifies with the brand and enjoyed very much the campaign shooting.


Matchesfashion New Menswear Line Arrived!

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Anyone who knows just enough about high-end and stylish menswear, has heard at least once about matchesfashion.com. The British online store offers some of the most exquisite, stellar and unique designer labels worldwide.  A couple of days ago, Matchesfashion announced finally the launch of their own label, which is available currently only for us chaps! Wuhuu!


Fur Real? Some Of The Best Faux Fur Coats For Men

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Furs are not for everyone, furs are just a big fashion statement. If you are a man, and you are wearing a fur coat, every one will notice you. There is a heated debate among guys about it, some say furs are not a thing and no-man should wear them, some instead (and I am part of this group) firmly believe that fur coats, if not too crazy eccentric, are a stylish and elegant and piece to own.


The Kingsman Collection – Available Exclusively at Mr. Porter

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Subconsciously, wether we accept it or not, films and movie stars influence the way we dress. We do this on someone we think girls find attractive, or simply someone we admire.

For these reasons Mr Porter and Matthew Vaughn ( The Kingsman movie Director ) took the chance to work together on a first of its kind “costume to collection“.


Why are Rolex Watches So Expensive? This Video Has The Answer

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A watch, is not really a watch isn’t it? If you need to know the time you simply grab your phone and problem solved. Nowadays is all about status, elegance and fine taste. If you want an accessory talking about you, well, what’s better than a luxurious Rolex on your wrist saying in your behalf “I am very successful in what I do and have a lot of money”.

Have you ever wondered why Rolex watches are so expensive? This video might help you understand why. Bonus: See our Rolex selection on Vestiare Collective up to 60% off.


Reiss Sale Jackets & Coats – Up to 50% Off, With Love.


Reiss sale for Christmas started yesterday finally! Do you remember our latest post about Reiss Fall / Winter 2014, featuring great jackets and coats? Well, in case you didn’t, please do now, in case you did already, now you can get some of those great items up to 50% off for a short period of time, so hurry and happy shopping!